Matt's Story

Why I started Tibbs Military Fit

Matt's Story

Why I started Tibbs Military Fit

Fitness started at an early age for me my parents were both very active. My dad played football every weekend along with cricket and badminton socially. My mum was an aerobics instructor, played Netball and was assistant Judo instructor under former world champion Bryan Jacks.

I of course was dragged around everywhere going from club to club... but this was positive as I believe my parents were great role models and without a doubt the reason I love and do what I do now. Even along with me, my sister, the stresses of work and life in general they made efforts to keep up their sports and hobbies.

My Youth
Joining The Army
My Youth

My Dad was amazing and he would spend hours upon hours paying football with me in the garden and playing racquet sports and I'll always remember him saying "keep your eye on the ball!" He was so proud of me and I always felt loved.

When I was old enough, I believe around 5 My mum took me along to judo where she was an assistant instructor under Bryan Jacks. There I learned discipline respect and honour. I was taught to never use my skills I'd learned out of the dojo and to avoid violence at all costs, although this was coming to bite me in the bum further down the line. My mum was devoted to me I was her little baby. I'm told she couldn't put me down when I was growing up.

At the age of 6 my world fell apart... My Mum and Dad separated and I was left devastated confused angry It was a terrible time in my life. I felt lost, how could this happen to me. I don't remember the arguments or reasons and I don't wish to ever know what really happened all I knew is life wasn't the same. This however quickly changed and before I knew it my dad had met Dora an amazing woman that took me on as her own and still continues to be a huge part of my life. She is as equal to my mum that she could ever be and I mean that with all my heart. A true diamond and beautiful person.

Things were better and I had stability again but now I had the challenge of secondary school. New people, little friends from my old school and quite a minority in my race. This is where it went wrong again. I found myself being picked on and bullied. Mainly because I was an outsider and didn't have a group of friends to support me, which made me an easy target I guess. I first started Muay Thai at the age of 12 for this reason. I was having some difficulties at school and was fed up of being the victim, it wasn't that I couldn't stick up for myself it was a case of just not wanting any trouble and Having been brought up to avoid violence at all costs I just didn't deal with it well. Yes guys I was bullied at school.

Every day I'd come home with new bruises or having had some trouble with my peers. It was time to do something about it... so I did! I joined a local Muay Thai Gym in Bromley and I was instantly hooked. I figured this way I could channel my anger and aggression in a positive way and not lower myself to respond to these bullies in school, this in turn made me more confident and stronger minded helping me nip bullies in the bud and stand up for myself in a controlled manor having the confidence I had my training if push come to shove! And it did on several occasions. Before I knew it I was training 3 times a week and often running to sessions as it was then I found a real passion for physical activity and knew then I wanted fitness to always be a part of my life. The rush I got from being fit robust and healthy was better then anything I'd experienced to date. I continued up until the age of 16  before making the choice to join the Army.

Joining The Army

I first joined the Parachute Regiment in 1999 but ended up serving with the Princes of Wales Royal Regiment. It was then that I really came into myself and excelled into my fitness becoming an Army Physical Training instructor and having the honour of getting my regiment battle fit. After all we were Combat Infantry Soldiers and I took this very seriously. I then had the opportunity and was selected to be on the Army Boxing team which I loved! We were full time and often referred to as a tracksuit soldiers hahaha. It was great! I had the life of a pro boxer training 3 times a day and jetting off around the country fighting... amazing!

I left the Army in 2004 at 21 having served 5 years and started a family. I've had a few jobs along the way however always did some personal training on the side as the passion was still there, I set up Tibbs Military Fit in 2008 and haven't looked back. I truly love what I do and get great satisfaction from helping people change their lives. I then went on to become a sports massage therapist too as I thought "hey if I break you I can fix you too!" I didn't return to Thai boxing for a few years but since then have found a new love, I've competed in Thailand professionally several times and it's a big part of my life. I also regularly weight train, complete in triathlons and just love any physical activity in general.

If your serious about training and want to see real results then I believe TIbbs Military Fit is the way forward; there's something for everyone here be it PT classes or just life coaching. It's not just about being fit it's about living a healthy balanced lifestyle and being the best you can be.

Take those steps today Guys and get in contact, I'm here waiting to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

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